Playing in the Car For The First Time With My New GoPro

I've wanted to shoot some car sex videos for a long time right now that I've a lot more period I've place this to the very best of my “ to do ” list! My hubby has been aside on business all week vacation etc Wed I purchased average joe a GoPro and then upon Friday Specialists a pal any time he would turn out with me found in the automobile to give it a try and I was amazed at just how well that worked well! This video footage right here really was only a try but I was therefore pleased with it I've thought we would put up for you personally each and every one to see! First of all we went down to Peterborough to meet a meet a good wedded female who called me about a “ first time ” online video shoot with us here then on the way back we collection the camera up and acquired awesome as we forced previous lorries and cars on the dual carriageway and as I was first having so much fun I carried on in the rear of the car while all of us drove through Nottingham aswell. I think this looks REALLY great and now I are putting together several tips to get a whole VERY edgy car sex vid series that i plan to get started on very soon!

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